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Get Far Better Email Delivery Rates Than You Can With Any Other Service Because You Control It All Yourself.

Improve Delivery Rates

The BIG Secret is that all of the email services are having issues with delivery rates these days. In many cases it is not that your emails that are not working, it is the service you are using. Many emails could not be getting delivered even though some of the reporting says they are! We know how to get Google and other services not to flag your emails as spam or send them into oblivion.

Your Own Cloud Server

Unlike every other major service out there, we set you up with your very own non-shared cloud server either on Amazon or Google. The two biggest companies on the internet that send out more emails in one day than all of the other companies combined send out in a year. The only one on your server sending out emails is you! It is not shared with anyone else!

Complete Control Of Your List

You control your own list completely. If you want to import a list you have from somewhere, you can do so. No re-optin necessary. You get complete control of what you can send out. There is no Big Brother saying you can't send affiliate links or sell any legal product or service. There are no limitations. Imagine that!

Are you seeing the deliver rates of your emails spiraling down?  Tired of paying more and more to Email services that have a gazillion rules (such as no affiliate offers, no supplement offers, or making you re-optin imported lists?) and to top it all off, you still get crappy deliver rates? Oh and let’s not forget how expensive they are!

We were in the same boat! We tried pretty much every single one of the services out there with varying results with one same theme with all of them. What was it? We were not happy with any of them!

Most had a ton of bells and whistles that we never used and as our list kept growing we kept paying more and more. Even if we only sent out 1 or 2 emails a month. They were charging us by the size of our list. At the end of the day, we did not want some uber complicated list segmentation, automated, widget that at the end of the day failed to get the email to our customers.  Ughhh…

Problem #1: 

Here is the other problem. When you are using a service, you are depending on the collective reputation of everyone of their customers.  And you get treated like the worst customer they have.  

How about if instead, you build up your own domains reputation and get treated like an adult instead?







Posting iQ changes all of that! It turns the table on the whole pay to play formula because we use the same technology that Facebook developed! 

Think about this for a second. How much content does Facebook actually create? 


Because they help share content that other people created. Now guess what? You can no do the exact same thing.

Posting iQ gives you the very same tools and protocols that FB developed.

Posting iQ gives you the ability to post stories and news from other sites on your site that show up just like when you post a link on Facebook.  You no longer have to spend hours and hours creating quality content.

It gets even BETTER! Here is the other part that makes this so brilliant. When you post a link from your site on Social Media from another site, it goes to your site first!  You are no longer an information charity for social media!

You can easily improve traffic from to your site from social media by 100%, 200%, even 300%. Plus, you do not have to spend hours every day or paying a lot of money to create content anymore!

OpenGraph Platform

Posting iQ also uses the OpenGraph Platfom that was developed by Facebook as a new way for websites to connect to each other.

Share links in your site the same way you do on Social Media with 1 big difference...

How To Get The Traffic To Your Site!

Step # 1: Just copy the link you want to share

Step # 2: Add Copy, Pics, Videos, Forms, Or Links, Then Post.

Step # 3: Share On Social Media And Watch The Traffic Come In!

The easiest way to embed a link

Saving the image lets you add the same link more easily

Keep the visitors on your site

Open the links in modal pop-ups

Give more context about your external sources

The Posting iQ elements are added in the Editor

Posting iQ Plugin

1 Website
$ 7
  • Features
  • 1 Week Free Trial
  • Embed Links In Your Posts
  • Copy Title, Description and Image
  • Works With Guttenberg
  • Create Sticky Content In Seconds
  • Shareable On Social Media

Posting iQ Plugin

10 Websites
$ 27
  • Features
  • 1 Week Free Trial
  • Embed Links In Your Posts
  • Copy Title, Description and Image
  • Works With Guttenberg
  • Create Sticky Content In Seconds
  • Shareable On Social Media
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